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Welcome to This Day in Alternate History

"Alternate history is a type of science fiction in which the basic premise is that some specific historical event never happened, or happened differently "
Source: Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia puts YOU in control of Alternate History!

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Top 10 Timelines (as selected by members of the discussion board)
1. TL 1280 - Ussuri River War (Series)
2. TL 1339 - The Spanish Blockade (Series)
3. TL 1552 - Rifle of the South (Series)
4. TL 0486 - Operation Sealion
5. TL 1715 - Fashoda War (Series)
6. TL 2475 - Spanish Civil War Avoided (Series)
7. TL 1217 - Lee of the Union (Series)
8. TL 1869 - Sturmkrieg
9. TL 1030 - Sailor-Monks
10. TL 1255 - Alamo Samurai
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Germany Attacks USSR Spanish Colonial War
Dean Wins Democratic Nomination Sturmkrieg
Federation Party Early Submarines
Female Dominated History New Moon
American Theocracy Burmese Civil War
A World Without Aids  
Washington Betrayed Patronaut
  Kennedy's Ambitious Space Program
Crisco has created a website with maps Wendell
of some of this site's timelines Sailor Monks
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  Self-Replicating Nanobots
The Spanish Blockade Series  
by Turtledove, Texan4ever, Wendell, Crisco, Rojo ... JW
The Spanish Blockade Rifle of the South
The Spanish Blockade Act II Battle of Belmont
The Spanish Blockade - America Vicksburg
The Spanish Blockade - The Silent 30 Years War Rifle of the South 2
The Spanish Blockade - the Northern Front Invasion: 1861
  Jackson Moves North
  The Uranverein
Submit Your Ideas Turtledove
Contact The Patrikonas War
See the 20 Latest Events Posted 1446: Trump Assassinated
Search by Year 1515: Second Russian Revolution
  1715: Fashoda War
Contributor Fiction 1673: Great American War
  1672: Montgomery Killed
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February 30 Unusual Priest Series
  Father Billy Graham
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