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Contributers: Would you like your timelines featured on the home page and credited to you? Contact me with a list of events you'd like to see posted. Once they're up, you can replace them with others by notifying me.

To submit a timeline of your own, please use one of the submit forms. I review all submissions and then post them to the site. I usually get everything posted within 24 hours, but sometimes get backlogged.

If you would like to explore a timeline, please explore it from the "add an event" link on the actual timeline. If you explore a timeline from the submit forms you reach from this page, it will come to me as a new item and I won't be sure what timeline you are exploring.

Have you submitted something that's not posted?  I may be holding it because I have a question for you.

This site is presented as a "Day in History" type site. It goes into some detail but doesn't cover every aspect of an event on the calendar pages. If you would like to submit backup information or discussion of your timeline, feel free to do so. I'll post the highlights on the calendar pages and the backup info on the discussion board..

Since this is a "Day in History" type site, remember that the start of your timeline needs to have been listed as history for a reason. For example, if you want to speculate about what would have happened if the Space Shuttle Challenger hadn't blown up, you need to come up with a reason it made the list. You can't have an entry that says "Space Shuttle Challenger Launched - Doesn't Blow Up" Dozens of space shuttles have been launched without blowing up.

For the most part, the timelines here are physically possible. That doesn't mean you can't have aliens stop the Watergate burglary, but keep that kind of timeline to a minimum.

I'll publish any timeline as long as:

  • It's not obscene
  • It's not slanderous
  • It makes some kind of sense in a historical context (Joan of Arc can't help France in World War II)
  • One thing I won't post is an event in which Hillary Clinton is declared to be gay. I get a lot of these! I'm not going to make a claim about a living person's sexuality. I do this website for fun, not to get myself in trouble. True, there is one timeline in which an alternate Bill Clinton claims Hillary is gay but that is just a claim that he makes - Hillary is not confirmed to be gay in that timeline. "Not that there's anything wrong with that" - Jerry Sienfeld and George Costanza

When it comes to explorations, I'm going to make a policy that if a timeline is explored and the exploration seems to be going against the spirit of the original contributor, I will make a divergence for these explorations. What has been occurring lately is that a submitter with political leanings to the left or right will submit a timeline, but someone of the opposite side will explore the timeline making the other side "win". For example, (this has not been submitted) Person A may submit that Gray Davis wins the recall election. Person B ( a Davis hater) then submits an event saying "but upon recounting the votes it's found that Davis committed vote fraud and actually lost". That exploration will now become a divergence timeline of it's own so that Person A may explore what happens after Davis's win, while Person B can explore the results of the vote fraud. If you want to discuss or argue, use the "discuss this timeline" link on each timeline. See timeline 275 for an excellent example of a discussion.

I reserve the right to edit. Please take a look at the date of your event to make sure it has not already been done.