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Jason Vorhees - Gentle Giant

Event Date: 6-13-1946
Event Description: On this hot summery Friday the 13th young Jason Vorhees was born to Pamela and Elias Vorhees in Wessex County, Mass.

Event Date: 3-8-1949
Event Description: Social Services take Jason away after it is discovered that his parents have mistreated and shunned him because of his appearance. Jason is put with a middle class foster family who take good care of him.

Event Date: 6-13-1957
Event Description: Jason, whilst at Summmer Camp in Crystal Lake nearly drowns after being taunted by other kids in the camp. On one of the camp counselours however is on hand to sve the young boys life. Jason's foster parents vow never to let him return there again.

Event Date: 5-5-1963
Event Description: After years of home education (Jasons foster parents believing that teens in high school ridicule and hurt him.) Jason passes his final exams and now has a driving ambition to go to law school and follow in his foster father's footsteps as a lawyer.

Event Date: 10-31-1967
Event Description: After getting his Bachelors degree Jason finally enters law school and meets a young lady named Rebecca who, despte Jason's appearance, finds companionship in him. They become good friends.

Event Date: 7-17-1971
Event Description: Jason passes his bar exam to become a lawyer. His achievements in spite of any handicaps he may have earn him a small amount of media attention.

Event Date: 6-15-1980
Event Description: Jason is called in to help on a murder case involving Camp Crystal Lake only to discover that the murderer involved was his birth mother, Pamela.

Event Date: 11-5-1983
Event Description: Jason wins his most high profile case yet against child murderer Fredrick Krueger. He dedicates the money he earns from the case to victems of child abuse. Rebecca also confesses her love for Jason.

Event Date: 8-14-1989
Event Description: Jason, with much backing from the public, the media and his now fiance Rebecca goes into the world of politics as a democratic representative for his home state of Massachusetts.

Event Date: 9-2-1992
Event Description: Jason and Rebecca marry.

Event Date: 12-24-1992
Event Description: Rebbecca gives birth to her and Jasons first child, Steven.

Event Date: 7-12-2002
Event Description: Freddy Krueger is released from New Jersey Home for the Criminally Insane and vows revenge against Vorhees and his familly.

Event Date: 8-14-2003
Event Description: Jason's Foster father is kiled by Freddy, his mother is critically injured but stiil alive. Freddy then tries to track down Jason and finds him at a political rally by the side of Camp Crystal Lake. Freddy attacks Vorhees and both men perish. Freddy dies in an elctrical fire and Jason drowns after he falls into the lake, his fear of water causing him to panic.

Event Date: 8-20-2003
Event Description: Jason Vorhees's funeral.
His Obituary in the New York Times reads: "Jason was a loving son, a great husband and an amazing father. Despite any obstacle that was thrown in his way he just kept coming back. Good bye Jason in our hearts you will live forever."