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New Alternate History Novels

Giampietro Stocco, an Italian journalist has written Nero Italiano.

What would have happened if...? If Mussolini did not join WWII in 1940? And what if the Soviet, and not USA had landed on the moon in 1970? Every historical event is a node, a sort of portal. If things had gone differently than in history books, today history itself would be different.

His website is http://www.giampietrostocco.it/ . This site is in Italian, but now has an English translation.

ANARQUÍA: An Alternate History of the Spanish Civil War
by Brad Linaweaver and J. Kent Hastings

Everyone knew the world was about to change, they just didn't know how much!

From 1936 to 1939, in the war torn world of the Spanish Civil War, proponents of every major intellectual, economic, political, and
philosophical movement of the 20th Century came together for what most believed was to be an epic battle for the future of mankind. Artists, literary émigrés, reporters, philosophers, literary giants, and political activists all poured into Spain to be where the action was!

Now, in Brad Linaweaver's and Kent Hastings' epic: ANARQUÍA: An Alternate History of the Spanish Civil War, a new vision of the Spanish Civil War has been brought to life. Two revolutionaries who, in our universe would become twin stars of the firmaments of Hollywood and Cape Kennedy become instead, in the universe of Anarquía, the twin fulcrums on which pivot the hopes of the future. Hedy Lamarr and Wernher von Braun join Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell, John Dos Passos, Ayn Rand, G. K. Chesterton, and a host of others who populate Linaweaver's and Hastings' universe in the alternate history Spanish Civil War universe of ANARQUÍA.

Note: If you reached this page via a search engine, please be aware that this is an Alternate History site - None of the above history actually happened. See the home page for a full explanation