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These are the updates posted from September 28 through October 11. Click on timeline number to view timeline.

Timeline Title New/Explored Submitted by/Explored by
841 Rohms Attempted Putsch New Franz
843 Baseball Wars New Billy
845 The Frigate Numancia New Pancho
847 WWII New Chris Oakley
848 An Evil Clinton Scenario New Jesse
849 The Life of Dana Plato New Darth
850 Battle of Tanenberg New DA
852 Boer War New Da
854 Cuban Missle Divergence New Roy
856 Hitler Killed in Putsch New Karl
857 California Recall New Roy
858 Reagan Heart Attack New Roy
859 Hitler Rethinks Strategy New General Havoc
860 Gulf of Tonkin New Chris Oakley
861 Kennedy in Dallas New Billy
862 Cromwell New Sy Gardner
863 Nuclear Power Plant Explosion New JAf
864 Divergence 2 of Potter New Jake
865 Jim Morrison Reincarnation New Miss Crisis
867 Saddam Escapes New Jesse
868 GW Bush in 1996 version 1 New Jesse
869 GW Bush in 1996 version 2 New Jesse
871 Space Shuttle Columbia New Big Jim W