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These are the updates posted from October 12 through November 2. Click on timeline number to view timeline.

Timeline Title Submitted by/Explored by
870 Education Land Steven
875 Cuban Statehood Jesse
876 Cub Fan Cub Fan
877 USS Maine Chris Oakley
878 Berlin Wall Anon
879 Midshipman Eisenhower Robert
880 Elvis Twin Robert
881 Bruce Ismay RM
885 Nazi Jets Crithulb
886 Poland Prepared BK
889 President Cuomo Anon
890 China Invades China Divergence NeoGodzilla
891 Italy Falls Anon
892 Eisenhower Heart Attack RM
895 Mays-Chapman Brawl Chris Oakley
896 Kennedy Invades Cuba Raul
897 Twilight Zone Chris Oakley
898 Malcolm Defeats William Dan
900 Battle of Jutland TF
902 Hoffa Killed Jesse
904 Divergence from Napoleon Invades England Daniel
906 Divergence from Sputnik Explodes Chris Oakley
907 Divergence from An Evil Clinton Scenario Anon