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These are the updates posted from November 3 through November 23. Click on timeline number to view timeline.

Timeline Title Submitted by/Explored by
908 Battle of Sakarya River Byzantine Lover
909 Gore Bows Out Jesse
910 Warsaw Pact Invades Afriend
912 Captain Pike on Star Trek Jesse
913 D-Day Fails Martyn
914 Passengers Fight Hijackers Martyn
917 Divergence from TL 845 The Frigate Numancia Anon
919 Simpson Killed in Car Chase Jesse
922 President McLellan C
923 Divergence from TL 817 Canute Converts Brian
924 Zimmerman Note Mike Nache
925 Clinton Convicted David
927 Dimaggio Hitting Streak Chris Oakley
931 Japanese Feminist Party RMG
935 D.C. Baseball JLM
936 Clinton Resigns Jesse
937 Clinton a Suicide Jesse
938 Bobbitt Dies Jesse
941 Louis XVI Dies Chris Oakley
942 Dunkirk Massacre Mike Nache
943 Clinton Convicted David N
944 Aliens Land at Roswell Randall
947 Israel Attacks Barry
948 One Front for Hitler A Friend
949 Elvis Heart Attack Mr C.
950 Johnson Impeached Jesse
952 Divergence from TL 868 GW Bush 1996 Paul