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These are the new items posted from November 23 through December 21. Click on timeline number to view timeline.

Timeline Title Submitted by/Explored by
955 Argentina Joins the Axis BR
957 Nadar Does Not Run KA
958 Great Britain Recognizes the Confederacy BUD
959 Interstate Transportation Act JK
960 Jeffords Stays Republican JESSE
961 Nathan Hale Escapes STEPHEN
962 Pro Wrestling STEPHEN
963 Divergence from Lepanto Timeline GIOVANNI
964 Houston Colt .45's LEAF'S FAN
965 Catherine of Aragon and King Henry VIII Have a Child JESSE
966 Alternative Fuel Sources JESSE
968 Allies Invade Germany 1939 C DURHAM
970 Divergence from tl 935 Baseball in D.C. LEAF'S FAN
972 New York Stadiums MAP
973 Meteor Strikes Vladivostok ANON
974 Attempted Brinks Robbery CHRIS OAKLEY
975 Hitler Attacks France - 1939 C DURHAM
976 Operation Fall Green JOHN AGRONT
977 Divergence from tl 764 - Dunkirk INW
978 Model Changes His Mind INW
979 The New England Confederation INW
985 NHL Expansion CHRIS OAKLEY
987 Joyce Kilmer MAP
990 Humphrey Defeats Nixon LAWRENCE
992 Another Potter Divergence JAKE
993 Johnny Cash for President MAP
994 Another Potter Divergence JAKE
997 Hussein Killed in Firefight JESSE
998 Divergence for timeline 386 CHRIS OAKLEY
999 Aum Supreme Truth Cult Raid CHRIS OAKLEY
1000 Arson at Welles Studio CHRIS OAKLEY
1003 Dewey Defeats Truman QTN
1004 Divergence from TL 599 IDZ
1005 Beatles Cancel America Visit MAP
1006 Greek Myths Not Myths MAP
1007 Hitler Killed in Allied Bombing MAP
1008 Bills Win Super Bowl MAP
1009 Schwarzenegger the Geek MAP
1010 George Renounces Salic Law of Inheritance INW
1011 WWI INW
1015 John Bonham Lives KA
1016 Wright Brothers Fail to Fly ANON
1020 Sabres Win the Stanley Cup ANON
1021 Archduke Ferdinand Safe CRISCO
1022 Henry I Ensures Matilda Succession BK
1023 English Colony in Newfoundland in 1583 BK
1025 France Fails to Buy the Isle of Corsica BK
1026 Divergance of Timeline # 103: Russian-Chinese War BR
1027 Carter successful in Hostage Crisis. KA
1028 Divergence from Timeline 908- New Empire of Byzantine ANON
1029 Divergence from timeline 992 FRANK
1030 Sailor-Monks ANON
1031 Anti Poll Tax DEMOCRAT
1032 Republic of America MIKE KWITKO
1033 Divergence from timeline 994 ANON
1034 Diverge from 712 Missile Spy for Allies BR