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These are the updates posted from June 22 through June 30. Click on timeline number to view timeline.

Timeline Title New/Explored Submitted by/Explored by
702 Damage to Columbia New Chris Oakley
703 Julian Discovers a Plot New Robert
704 Hindenburg Stiffs Hitler New Robert
705 Pope Deposed New Robert
706 Dunkirk New Robert
707 Romans Defeat Hermann (this timeline is coming up slightly out of order - will be fixed) New Robert
708 Constitutional Democrats New Robert
709 Invasion from Outer Space New Robert
710 Marat Warned New Sans-Culotte
711 India Buys Biological Weapons New Rollo already explored by Aegeas and Pedro
712 Missile Spy for Allies New J.K.
713 U.S.S. Thresher Fails Inspection New Chris Oakley
716 Sputnik I Explodes New Doug Wise
717 Japan Surrenders New Chris Oakley
718 Mehmet Ali Agca Deported New Chris Oakley