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These are the updates posted from July 31 thru August 11. Click on timeline number to view timeline.

Timeline Title New/Explored Submitted by/Explored by
748 French Repulse Germans New Anon
749 Meade Killed at Gettysburg New R.M.
750 Nazis Take Moscow New R.M.
751 The Dodgers Win the Pennant! New Chris Oakley
753 Operation Sealion New Nemomen
754 Elvis Dies New CT
755 Komarov Injured New Chris Oakley
756 Potter Bombing New Ed K.
757 Bismarck Destroys Hood New R.M.
758 Grant and Davis Killed   R.M.
759 Hong Kong Negotiations New Anon
760 Alcibiades New Draco
761 Hitler Flees New Scott
762 Chavez Assassinated New Hector
763 Nazi Jets New R.M.
764 Dunkirk New R.M.
765 Senator Roosevelt New R.M.
766 Red Baron Flies a Desk New R.M.
768 Flight 007 New Chris Oakley