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These are the updates posted from August 12 thru August 17. Click on timeline number to view timeline.

Timeline Title New/Explored Submitted by/Explored by
769 Lazio Defeats Clinton New RM
770 Cox Defeats Harding New RM
771 Presley Re-Enlists New RM
772 Britain Leaves North America New Billy
773 1919 White Sox Slump New Chris Oakley
774 Russia Invades Prussia New RM
775 M*A*S*H Finale New RM
776 Kennedy Buys White Star New RM
779 Blackout Hits Eastern U.S. New Billy
781 Germans Attack Pearl Harbor New RM
782 British Crack Siegfried Line New RM
783 Peter Discovers Catherine Plot New Sasha
787 Zeus Gets His New Commie Killer
788 Harry Potter Divergence New Commie Killer