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These are the updates posted from September 2 through September 28. Click on timeline number to view timeline.

Timeline Title New/Explored Submitted by/Explored by
804 Southern Success New BLT
807 Buffy Movie New B.K.
808 Lennon Recovers New R.J.
809 Titanic Near Miss New R.J.
810 RAF Strikes First New Chris Oakley
813 Singapore Treaty New EMA
814 Bin Laden Captured New Jesse
815 Simpson Guilty New Jesse
816 Bobbitt Convicted New John
817 Canute Converts New Odin
819 Clinton Enlists New Dan
820 Mussolini Neutral New Dan
823 Bush Shot Down New GPK
825 Guam Becomes 51st State New Jesse
826 Royal Navy Attacks Kiel New R.M.
827 Clinton Arrested New R.M.
828 Himmler Assassinated New R.M.
831 Japanese Government Overthrown New Sakiru
832 Merkle Touches Second New Billy
833 3 Mile Island Closed New Chris Oakley
834 U.S./Chinese Planes Collide New Chris Oakley
835 Communist Uprising in Germany New Bob Heaney
836 Battle of Manzikert New EMD
839 Livingstone Commits to UNC New Trueblue
840 Divergence from 105 (God Bless America) New Jake