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These are the updates posted from June 16 through June 22. Click on timeline number to view timeline.

Timeline Title New/Explored Submitted by/Explored by
658 Glenn Miller Goes Classical - Divergence from tl 657 New JK
660 Australia a Republic New Jack
661 New German Tank - White Dragon New KB
662 Hitler a Canadian New Robert
665 SA Second Revolution New Snake
666 China Invades Taiwan New Robert
667 Nazis Plan Stalin Assassination New Otto
668 Satan Holds a Press Conference New Faust
669 Return of Zeus New Herakles
670 Autrian Coup Divergence from 354 New Robert
671 O.J. is the Terminator New PC
672 Khomeini Assassinated New Robert
673 Diem Quashes Coup New Robert
675 Alexander Recovers New Draco
676 Hitler the Architect New Zeno
678 Philip of Macedon Discovers a Conspiracy New Guido
679 Aurelian Marries Zenobia New Guido
681 Aurelian-Zenobia Marriage (divergence from 679) New Draco
683 Trojan Horse - Divergence from timeline 275 New Draco
685 State of Franklin New Dan
686 Austrian Coup Divergence 2 (timeline 354) New Robert
687 Spanish Armada New Robert
688 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo New Robert
689 Alessandri Elected in Chile New Robert
354 Austrian Coup Explored Chris Oakley and Robert
210 French Victorious in Mexico Explored Pedro
639 Sinn Fein Bomb Campaign Explored Robert
399 V.P. Brinkley Explored Robert
656 Carter Assassinated Explored Robert
276 Napoleon Calls Off Russian Invasion Explored TF
393 Czechoslovakia Resists Explored Chris Oakley
78 St Valentine Day Massacre Explored Chris Oakley
152 Danny Thomas - Godfather Explored Chris Oakley
657 Glenn Miller in Close Call in WWII Explored Chris Oakley
275 Trojan Horse Explored K.B. and Draco
345 Hitler Assassinated Explored Chris Oakley
632 Tet Explored Chris Oakley
612 Fulton Automobile Explored Chris Oakley
637 Allied Defector to Nazis Explored Robert
111 Belushi in Rehab Explored Chris Oakley
585 Mugabe Assassinated Explored Ian + Chris Oakle
232 Attempt on Wallace Explored Robert
145 Derbys Folly Explored Robert
48 Iraq War Explored Chris Oakley
195 Tiananmen Square Explored Chris Oakley
550 Kennedy Assassination Explored Chris Oakley
567 Murat, King of Naples Explored Robert
24 Reagan Dies Explored Lothario
481 Claudius Catches Aggripina Explored Draco
177 Colonial Spy Explored Chris Oakley
185 SWAT at Columbine Explored Ed K
579 Luther Recants Explored Loki
233 Seward Nominated Explored Robert
564 France and Spain in Mexico Explored Robert
292 Star Trek Renewed Explored Chris Oakley
340 Cuban Missiles Explored Chris Oakley
171 Yuri Gagarin Explored Chris Oakley
43 Civil War Starts Early Explored Chris Oakley
112 Transistor Prototype Explored Chris Oakley
37 Wilson Bans Illiterates Explored Robert
486 Operation Sealion Explored Chris Oakley
500 No Charge at Balaklava Explored Chris Oakley
612 Fulton Automobile Explored Chris Oakley
657 Glenn Miller Close Call Explored Chris Oakley
406 Nixon Hires Plumbers Explored Chris Oakley
499 U.S. Coup Attempt Explored Robert
103 Russian-Chinese War Explored Chris Oakley
248 Haddix Perfect Game Explored Chris Oakley
27 Philby Arrested Explored Chris Oakley
409 Kaplan Assassinates Lenin Explored Jacques + Robert
372 Stern in Politics Explored Robert
264 President Zimmerman Explored Chris Oakley
208 NBA Playoffs Explored Chris Oakley
571 Japanese Spotted Explored Chris Oakley
113 Sikorsky Helicopter Explored Chris Oakley
216 Herb Score Explored Chris Oakley
29 Shays Rebellion Explored Dan
442 Dallas Cowboys Explored Chris Oakley
575 Nantucket is Neutral Explored Robert