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These are the updates posted from June 22 through June 30. Click on timeline number to view timeline.

Timeline Title New/Explored Submitted by/Explored by
690 Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, and Bell New J.K.
691 Morrison in Therapy New Chris Oakley
692 Mussolini Killed New J.K.
695 Mary Marries James V New MN
698 Assault on a Yankee Fan New  
699 Soviets Build a Wall in Berlin New J.K.
700 Video Recording Protection Act New J.K.
701 Parliament Votes No on Gregorian New Falco
27 Philby Arrested Explored Chris Oakley
43 Civil War Starts Early Explored Chris Oakley
48 Iraq War Explored Chris Oakley
59 Republic of Louisiana Explored MGM
78 St Valentine Day Massacre Explored Chris Oakley
103 Russian-Chinese War Explored Chris Oakley
112 Transistor Prototype Explored Chris Oakley + Djeern
113 Sikorsky Helicopter Explored Chris Oakley
125 Ceaser Survives Explored Robert
144 Lancastrians Rout Edward IV Explored Djeern
152 Danny Thomas - Godfather Explored Chris Oakley
177 Colonial Spy Explored Chris Oakley
185 SWAT at Columbine Explored Chris Oakley
196 Falklands War Explored J.K.
200 Joan of Arc Explored Robert
221 Hancock Commander of Armies Explored Lou
233 Seward Nominated Explored Robert
234 Antiny Killed Explored Robert
248 Haddix Perfect Game Explored Chris Oakley
253 Victoria Assassinated Explored Robert
264 President Zimmerman Explored Chris Oakley
275 Trojan Horse Explored K.B.
276 Napoleon Calls Off Russian Invasion Explored TF
278 French and Spain in Mexico Explored Robert
293 Schmeling Defects Explored Chris Oakley
316 Texas Declines Statehood Explored Robert
345 Hitler Assassinated Explored Chris Oakley
349 Packing the Court Explored Joe Not a Millionaire
354 Austrian Coup Explored Chris Oakley and Robert
391 Baseball Death Explored Chris Oakley
393 Czechoslovakia Resists Explored Chris Oakley
394 2nd Korean War Explored Chris Oakley + Robert
442 Dallas Cowboys Explored Chris Oakley
482 Harold the Protector Explored Djeern and Robert
486 Operation Sealion Explored Chris Oakley
492 Republic of Rhode Island Explored Robert
511 Elvis Hospitalized Explored Chris Oakley
564 France and Spain in Mexico Explored Robert
583 2000 Presidential Election Explored Robert
596 Vitellius and Vespasian Explored Draco
599 Surrender at Bastogne Explored D Nimmo
612 Fulton Automobile Explored Chris Oakley
630 Clinton Divorce Explored Robert
632 Tet Explored Chris Oakley
637 Allied Defector to Nazis Explored Robert
651 Current Day Axis Europe Explored BJL in OZ
657 Glenn Miller Close Call Explored Chris Oakley
660 Australia a Republic Explored Jack
667 Nazis Plan Stalin Assassination Explored Robert
676 Hitler the Architect Explored Robert + Zeno