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Quick Explanation:

An alternate history timeline is history that didn't happen such as JFK not being assassinated.

Timelines can be found on the timelines page. Some are "explored", some are single events. If you would like to add your own timeline go to the submit page. To explore a timeline click on "add an event" which is in each timeline.

You can also get to timelines by picking a date on the Calendar page. You can move through the actual event pages day by day using the yesterday and tomorrow links. You can also search for a name or event.

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Each page of the calendar is broken into two sections, "timelines beginning on this date", and "timelines continuing on this date" (see below). For example, On March 13, 1943 there was an assassination attempt on Hitler. Our calendar for March 13 presents a timeline in which the attempt was successful. This is entered in "timelines beginning on this date".

March 13 -  Timelines Beginning on This Date

Date Timeline Info Status
1943 122
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Adolf Hitler dies when a time bomb explodes on his plane while flying from Smolensk to Rastenburg flight.
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March 13 -  Timelines Continuing on This Date




The timeline goes on to suggest that Operation Valkyrie which was the plan the conspirators had in place for governing Germany after Hitler was killed went into effect on March 14. This is entered under "timelines continuing on this date" and can be accessed from the March 13 page by clicking on "Next Event" (not active in this example). The timeline you are following will be highlighted in red. Clicking on the timeline number will show you the entire timeline on one page.

March 14 -  Timelines Beginning on This Date

Date Timeline Info Status

March 14 -  Timelines Continuing on This Date

1943 122
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Operation Valkyrie is in effect in Germany after the assassination of Hitler the previous day.
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You can return to the previous event by clicking on "previous event" (not active here). You can also comment on the timeline by clicking on "discuss the timeline" (also not active here)

Please drop me a line if you find anything that needs correcting or have any other comments.