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Jack the Ripper

Event Date: 12-16-1888
Event Description: This timeline is going to be deleted and presented as contributor fiction. I have to temporarily accept it so I can convert it. after going insane with split-personality disorder, the man known to the world at large as jack the ripper decides to rid the world of his alter-ego's evil by killing himself. he throws himself into the thames river, his body never found.

Event Date: 12-29-1888
Event Description: the soul of jack sepeates from his host. it is uncerain where he should go, as he was only a symbiote. he is cast back into the world as a collective, making earth a place where evils happen more often, and someone is murdered almost everyday. homicides and genocides riegn as a governing forces for almost the next two centuries.

Event Date: 5-4-1944
Event Description: as world war II begins to hit full swing. in th heat of the conflict, franklin delano roosevelt panics. in this moment of retraction, the wandering jack notices the possibilities of destruction in this man. he takes advantage of the fracturing psyche of roosevelt, gathering a sufficient amount of his being to partially posses the u.s. president.

Event Date: 5-5-1944
Event Description: President roosevelt announces to his country that the russian threat will no longer go uninhibited. he announces an invasion on russia, regardless of communist losses. his speech is stirring, and while most question the sudden brutality, there is a concensus that communism must be stopped. people begin to regain faith in democracy. facsism drops 3% overnight.

Event Date: 6-3-1944
Event Description: American aircraft carryers and army transports arrive in russia. there is a siege on moscow, cars and tanks make an unstoppable pursuit on the capital. at least forty people are killed by being run over. over 100 are seriously injured. Roosevelt's cabinet ask him about his sudden urge for enemy bloodshed. roosevelt himself says nothing, but questions his own motives.

Event Date: 6-17-1944
Event Description: war is waged on russian soil. the death toll soars, and progress is made. Stalin is outraged at roosevelts actions, and pours his defences into driving out the americans. Fascists turn to democracy in scores, joining the army, and taking a greater interest in politics, some to fight roosevelts ideals and some to carry them on. The fascist leaders fear defeat by lack of following. theu declare war on America, branding them as tyrants. Euopeans who dislike the war on homeground agree with this.