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Contributers: Would you like your timelines featured on the home page and credited to you? Contact me with a list of events you'd like to see posted. Once they're up, you can replace them with othersthem with others by notifying me.

Two submit forms are now available:

To submit single event or short timelines, use submit form 1. This form allows you to submit one event at a time.

To submit larger timelines with multiple events, use submit form 2. This form allows you to submit as many events, from a single timeline, as you want all at the same time. You should know how many events are in your timeline before choosing form 2, became the first thing the form will do is ask you how many events there are so that a page can be presented to you with the correct number of input areas. If you find you overestimated the number of events, please fill in the blank boxes with the year 9999. Leave the date at January 1. This will make it easier for me to delete the blank events. If you underestimate the number of events, then you will need to wait until I post your timeline before you can finish it by exploring it.


Have you submitted something that's not posted?  I may be holding it because I have a question for you.