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Brazilian Undead

Event Date: 8-15-1986
Event Description: This timeline is going to be deleted and presented as contributor fiction. I have to temporarily accept it so I can convert it. Aerial photographs of the Amazon show a strange looking structure among the great trees. Brazilian historian Paulo Rasqello proposes that it is the fabled "City of the Dead" that native texts speak of. The historian says that he believes "the city will hold many great treasures for us" He forms an team to find the city and study it. The 31 men are never seen alive again.

Event Date: 8-29-1986
Event Description: With no contact from Dr. Rasqello's team for some time, a rescue party is formed. The 25 men are armed and prepared for animal or native trouble and set off. Three days later 7 men emerge from the rainforest, battered, bruised, and covered in seemingly human bite-marks. They all die within 5 hours due to an unkown virus.

Event Date: 9-1-1986
Event Description: That night at a Rio de Janairo morgue the caretakers are attacked by what they claim to be as 7 blood-thirsty corpses. Police discount their story as alcohol induced aggresion. But later they discover that bodies of the 7 rescue party members are missing. By this time reports of of walking corpses are coming from all over the city. The Chief of Police sends a note to the President of Brazil, telling him the chaos that would come if the source wasn't found. The note is delayed for several days and eventually never makes it to him. The numbers of "undead" are growing rapidly.

Event Date: 9-2-1986
Event Description: Morning finds Rio in utter chaos. The number of "undead" is near 200. Survivors seek shelter in homes, churches, office buildings and anywhere else they feel is safe. Looting is rampant. The mayor has activated units of the army to attempt to help the situation. They are of little help because they don't know that a shot to the torsea didn't work against them. Many are killed. Even worse news comes from the Amazon. Hordes of "undead" are moving out of the jungle.