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Webmaster's Questions on Timelines


The following timelines have been submitted but have not been posted because I have some questions. If you submitted one of these timelines, please get in touch with me. (See the contact page, email webmaster)

Submitter Timeline
kd Forward elements of British and Soviet troops meet at Remagen on the Rhine.from timeline 294 12/16/46
anon Pam Anderson Doesn't Get Discovered

Pam Anderson attends a Candian Football League with some close friends, one of which was a reprsentative for Labatt's breweries. A cameraman was roaming the crowd looking for someone to put up on the big screen during a time out. He found her and when when he put her bright smiling face up on the screen, the place erupted! Unfortatntely this was not Pam. She was in the bathroom at the time as the camera fell upon another unknown beauty, Tamara Lee Johnson.

Labatt's noticed the response this woman was getting and the fact that she was wearing a Labatt's shirt her friend had given her cemented the deal. She began modeling for Labatt's in their then current promotion for the "Blue Zone". As the "Blue Girl", Tamara's posters were plastered all over walls in bars and restaurants Canada wide.

anon WHta if FDR died when he first was diagnosed woith polio?
the British people Britain enters the Vietnam conflict
Over in six months.
We shot several US troops for "Blue Fire incidents" "We don't like that" says her Majesty
Vietnam is declared part of the commonwealth.
Schools and hospitals built within the year.
American history amended
mb England: Willian Huskisson is the first man ever to be run over by a train.
SK America does not declare independence.
Stephen Goss 3/20/1971 The first meeting of the Australasian Community, the successor to the Economic Council of Australasia, was hosted by the Republic of Victoria. Attending the meeting at the Victorian capital, Bendigo, were representives from the Commonwealth of Australia, the Republic of South Australia/Australie Du Sud, the Dominion of New Holland, the Dominion of New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the hosts.Is this a exploration of another timeline?
  3/1/1863 US loyal counties in Illinois, Ohio and Indiana group to form the State of Illianna, which is admitted to the US.

Northeast Missouri stages another vote, this time the citizens there elect to withdraw from the FSA and re-join the US. Vote was precipitated by the Lincoln Administration's policy of putting runaway slaves and free blacks not wanted in the FSA there.

This and several other related events somehow came to me as "orphans". What timeline are they exploring?


Hans Oster detonates a bomb that kills Adolf Hitler and himself. Because Germany includes only the Sudetenland and Austria, people wonder if a rogue Czech, Polish, or other foreign agent is responsible. Within hours, agents of Abwehr chief Wilhelm Canaris kill Heinrich Himmler before the SS can be mobilized.

This and several other releated events somehow came to me as "orphans". What timeline are they exploring?

??? Former New York Governor Malcolm Wilson is installed as Provisional President of the Federal States of America. He announces that martial-law will be in force for 6 months, followed by new elections for a Provisional Congress and a Constitutional Convention for the Federal States of America. This looks to be an exploration of an established timeline but I don't know which one.
George British army invades Norway.
KD Simpsons
KD Japan Nukes Washington
OPOP Britain seizes Iraq